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Question 1: Our proposed destination

Project Heather has identified the Sustainable Development Goals as the destination framework, with every issuer required to report against the goals, and critically, the goals’ targets. SDGs, currently the most globally recognised blueprint for sustainable development, agreed by all 193 United Nations members, are widely recognised and increasingly understood by consumers, organisations, institutions and investors alike. By using the SDGs as a reference for reporting, issuers will be able to document their contribution to sustainable development through the lens of the most widely agreed upon global goals to date.

Question 2: Impact tools and frameworks

Project Heather seeks neither to create a new impact tool or impact reporting framework, nor will it prefer any one existing impact measurement or management tool or framework. Many recognised and respected frameworks for measuring, managing and reporting on social and environmental impact already exist due to years of research and collaboration, and as the impact segment evolves, new standards, tools and metrics are continuing to emerge.

Potential issuers’ impact reports will be reviewed by the proposed exchange’s own Admissions Panel, the composition and operations of which are also being opened to consultation.

Question 3: Impact Reporting

Our intended ‘impact reporting requirements’ will set out the key obligations to be met by a potential issuer on the proposed exchange. We call on the impact and sustainability communities to share their views on the seven principles below which will feed into the requirements and be a part of the process for creating a new approach to company reporting.

The draft reporting requirements and proposed admissions panel approach will be published following consideration of the consultation responses.

Please comment against the following inputs which Project Heather has set out to underpin its philosophy.

These are our proposed Principles. Please comment or provide feedback against any of these:

Question 4: Sector bias

Question 5: Other information